Explaining to Nigeria’s Television Authority (NTA), Jigawa State’s Television (JTV) and Freedom Radio One Person One Tree Initiative(OPOTI). The United Nations African Climate Change Research Centre’s (UN-ACCREC’s) OPOTI is an 8-year UN-ACCREC Going Green at Grassroot(3Gs) tree planting project that started in 2010. Yesterday, 150 seedlings for planting were freely given to Green Network organization; Jigawa local residents; Jigawa State’s House of Assembly; Freedom Radio; JTV; NTA; and Radio Jigawa staff. Two years ago, African Climate Change Research Centre–United Nations climate observer organization engaged Boko Haram IDPs in planting well over 5000 Jatropha seedlings in Auno; Liwanti and Dalaya Zaraye villages of Borno State, Nigeria. These villages have been ravaged by Boko Haram, poverty, climate change, and other groveling absurdities. On Saturday (24.08.2019) UN-ACCREC in partnership with Borno State’s Ministry of Environment engaged Maiduguri primary/ high school students in tree planting. The aim of One Person One Tree Initiative is to combat climate change and arrest desertification and deforestation issues in northern Nigeria.