ACCREC SECRETARY GENERAL Nura Jibo, BSc QS (ABU).  Nura Jibo Profile: Secretary-General, African Climate Change Research Centre.
I am the United Nations Designated Contact Point (UN-DCP) on Climate Change for twelve (12) years (2010-Present). I am the founder and Secretary-General of African Climate Change Research Centre (ACCREC) –United Nations Climate Observer Organization for twelve (12) years (2010- Present). I have more than twelve (12) years of Climate Change Adaptation experience in Nigeria; Morocco; Niger Republic and Ghana. I work on arresting desertification and deforestation issues in Northern Nigeria for twelve (12) years now.
I am the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Geneva Principal Focal Person (GEO Principal) in charge of sourcing and outsourcing of technical expatriates for GEO Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland. I am the person responsible for nominating competent persons for the GEO Committees and Working Groups globally. I am currently holding dual GEO’s two Working Groups Membership. I am in the GEO’s Secretariat Climate Change Working Group for two years (2020-2022). I am also in the GEO’s Climate Change Data Management Working Group for two years (2020-2022). I have contested for the GEO Climate Change Adaptation Working Group Deputy Co-Chair and won for two years (2020-2022). My GEO Working Group meetings and consultations are now done remotely due to COVID-19. These experiences help me to perfectly and efficiently discharge my duties. I train individuals, organizations, local authorities and communities on sustainable land management (SLM) projects and environmental valuations. I use FMNR; ANR; SLM; and REDD+ carbon sequestration techniques/tools in carrying out territorial and regional assessments of land management. I have special interest in using Blockchain tech to track GHGs. These help me in creating the deserved partnership and collaboration between GEO and the UNFCCC. I often use GEO’s climate data to conduct my research on climate change adaptation and on “Africa regional climate multi-data analysis and management”. My RCM research was used to develop the research capacity of the CORDEX community at the University of Stockholm, Sweden in 2016. I work on the ACCREC’s 3Gs (Going Green at Grassroots) tree planting project. So far ACCREC has under my Secretarial leadership role planted approximately over one million trees in the Northwest and Northeastern Nigeria under it’s 3Gs programme. I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor (MRICS), Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), United Kingdom (membership ID 6501082). I hold BSc Quantity Surveying from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. I am a Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS), Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS), Canada, (membership ID 254808). I am a Member, Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), United Kingdom (membership ID 2072528).
I have more than twelve (12) years of post-qualification experience in the financial management of institutional, residential and commercial buildings and properties – three and a half years in the private sector and ten (10) years in the public sector. I have more than 12 years of research and administrative experience that I got whilst working for the African Climate Change Research Centre –United Nations climate observer organization on climate change and environmental sustainability. I served as World Bank Group’s (WBG’s) resource person/contributor for four years (2016; 2017; 2018; and 2019) on compiling research survey reports on “Benchmarking Public Procurement for 190 economies and training for reforms.” I successfully dealt with N6 billion (approximately $16,666,666) Yankari Holiday Resort and Safari redevelopment project at Bauchi State, Nigeria. I vetted its Bills of Quantities. I efficiently valued, supervised and monitored 29 contractors that worked on the project site.
Skills & Competencies
My technical skills are as follows:
Programme Management. Project planning and construction management skills. I have financial management, negotiation, dispute resolution, and teamwork skills. I know FIDIC; NEC1, 2 &3 and JCT forms of contracts, etc. I have Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet and MsWord skills.