2020 ACCREC-BCDA Asayaya Village 3-Hectares Trees Shelterbelt, Sule Tankarkar Local Government Area, Jigawa State, Nigeria

Newly constructed 3-hectares trees shelterbelt for Asayaya Village, Sule Tankarkar
Local Government, Jigawa state, Nigeria.
The African Climate Change Research Centre (ACCREC), a non-profit and non-political
registered organization with a special status in the United Nations Framework Convention on
Climate Change (UNFCCC), Secretariat, Germany, as climate observer organization
applied to Border Communities Development Agency(BCDA), Abuja, Nigeria on behalf of Asayaya Village, Sule Tankarkar for a construction of 3-hectares trees shelterbelt and two complete solar
powered Boreholes. The Borehole is presently alleviating the mass suffering and acute shortage of
portable drinking water in Asayaya Village, Sule Tankarkar Local Government, Jigawa state.
African Climate Change Research Centre(ACCREC) visited the village of Asayaya as part of
its research effort and rural capacity development mechanism on building climate resilient
communities. The Centre believes that Asayaya Village is within the radius of the Border
communities neighbouring Niger Republic along Dan Gwanki in Sule Tankarkar Local
Government and Maigatari Local Government Area. This village, Asayaya was once a very
densed vegetation cover that survived the challenge of desertification and deforestation.
However, due to poverty and climate change, the Village was faced with a very serious threat from
desertification. ACCREC and BCDA have now regenerated the Asayaya Ecosystem and biodiversity.