Introduction Monthly Report; August 24, 2020

Summary Report of Webinar Programme On Flooding


The Borno State Government has set up a committee to assess the flooding issues in Borno and proffer short-term and long-term solutions to the annual flooding in the state. The dialogue session/sensitization for the third month was conducted via zoom, intensifying efforts to sensitize citizens on the threats of the flooding and what the citizens need to do to stay safe through proper refuge dumping and desist from building on waterways among others. The objective of the sensitization is to raise public awareness to increase the level of compliance to reduce the impact and occurrence of flooding; to promote behavioral change around development; Providing a platform for experts-citizen and government engagement on measures to address flooding and influence government response.


Progress Narrative for Third Month

The sensitization for the third month took a different approach, where the working committee in consultation with technical facilitators set the program to focus conversation and dialogue to mitigate flooding as the issues of the preventive and solutions measures. The program was held on zoom with resource persons drawn from the Department of Geography, University of Maiduguri Nigeria, Erosion and Watershed Management programmed, BOSEPA, and Ministry of Environment.


Achievement for The Month

The progress achieved in the third month is measured by the Level of Citizens Awareness on flood Related Issues which has two sub feedback indicators that are measuring the number of Listeners demonstrating sufficient understanding of the theme to be able to take informed action while the second sub feedback indicator is measuring the number of listeners that demonstrated insufficient understanding of issues relating to flooding being discuss.


The feedback collated by the organizers of the session shows 71 Listeners demonstrating sufficient understanding of the topical issue being discussed and were able to take informed action (54 males and 17 females).


The feedbacks/contributions were later collated through Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and in the personal remark. (source: data capturing tool)



Key successes

  • A total of 71 citizens listen and contributed to the program using different platforms provided by the organizers with a substantial number of the feedbacks coming from the urban Maiduguri & Jere in Borno;
  • All stakeholders invited have attended the session
  • We have also had an international scholar on urban climate from Malaysia



  • Resource persons not keeping to recording time agreed with presenters;



  • An alternative arrangements should be made early for resource persons especially government actors and political appointees who are mostly engaged.
  • The organizers should improve promotion for the program using social media handles.



The sensitization for the third month recorded a total of 71 contributions/feedback from listeners within the states; the feedback received indicates that the level of awareness. The ACCREC will intensify sensitization as the government has shown renewed commitment in addressing flooding issues in the metropolis.


Resource Persons and topics recorded on ACCREC-Zoom Series

Thursday (27th August 2020)

Topic: Navigating the Raining Season; Issues Around Flooding

Audio clip



  • Alhaji Yahaya Dankoli
  • Mohammed Waziri
  • Dr I.M Bello
  • Dr G.H Sambo
  • M.A Jimme
  • Mr Peter Ayuba
  • Mohd Hairy Ibrahim
  • Dr Usman Ali Busuguma